254 Artists Plead For Peace During Election Period

07 August of 2017 by

It’s always a beautiful sight to see our acts rise up to the occasion and champion for a worthy cause time to time in the 254. Art is a true reflection of our society and when it is vivid enough it settles deep in the minds of the fans.

It has been an intense campaign period in our country, politicians trying to convince the electorate to vote them in the August general elections, but peace is a sensitive issue and has been the kicker in every campaign.

By the same token, Le Band, Shiko FemiOne, Shani of P13 and KrisErroh have teamed up on a fantastic record to raise awareness on being patriotic, peaceful elections and coming out to vote. The jam titled ‘Call For Peace’ is precise and to the point asking us not to repeat 2007 chaos.

All artists on the record are swift and witty on the rhymes and pass the 1-minute long beat with elegance. “we wanna see a nation with peace, to all the hate, dismiss”, sings out Le band. So refreshing.

The Changamkia Vote initiative is calling out people to vote on 8/8 elections. Speaking to the young people in the country, they have a message. “Be honest about your future. Take control. Stay woke. Talk about it here with your peers and like-minded youth. Uko rada? #ChangamkiaVoteYako”


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