254 Apparel Brand Looks To Conquer The Athleisure Market

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You can’t escape the resurgence of the fitness industry in Kenya. Perhaps it’s a sign of the times, a heightened awareness of our own fragility, or merely a fad. But being active has become big business in Kenya. And in particular, in Nairobi where the numbers of gyms have increased, and gym fees as a result of that, continue to go down.

And that’s a good thing. Not only does it get more butts moving, but it also allows the expansion of the wider industry – including apparel – both retailers as well as designers.

LYFT Apparel is both. A Kenyan brand that aims to style active lifestyles and inspire more activity to breed health and happiness.
Although it is inclined towards fitness, it’s not limited to it. It classifies itself as both a lifestyle and urban wear brand.


According to Doctore, who helms LYFT, the company’s origins were informed by the need to tap into the creative: I wanted to be a solution to the needs of offering comfortable and affordable clothing that looks good to the eye both in fitness and the urban scene.

So how has the experience been so far?

It is a brand that compliments its sister company @DOCTOREATHLETICS in that it represents fitness enthusiasts of different levels; those that are about to get into fitness/sports and those that might not be considering to include sports into their daily activities but would love to blend into the fitness community by being seen in LYFT Apparel gear. Basically it’s a brand keen on promoting health and wellness, style and fashion, art and design and creativity in all the quality products it puts out to the market. We’re happy to say the appreciation so far is encouraging!

LYFT is a young company with a small production team of Seamstresses, Quality assurance team and Designs and Operations . The operations work on creating designs, sales and marketing and sourcing fabric, the seamstresses stitch the fabric to completion and the quality team clears the ready made merchandise of any errors and makes any final touches before the product is ready for sale.


How do you feel your brand fits into this burgeoning growth in fitness awareness?

Fitness is a growing industry and in Kenya especially, people are realizing the undeniable importance of having a fitness regimen and including it in their daily or weekly schedule. LYFT Apparel fits into this by motivating both newbies and pros to workout by being stylish and fashionable while at it.

We also work on providing the best locally made fitness merchandise. We are happy that the industry is growing and we’re happy and feel privileged to grow with it and cater for its demands as it blooms.

What are the goals that LYFT has over the next five years?

We plan on making our brand a household name in 5 years. Make it the African Nike or even better. Sponsor athletes, hold massive expos, represent the continent in a big way and preach the gospel of fitness far and wide and get everyone fashionable and styled up while at it!

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