2018 Wrap Up: Best Kenyan Songs Of 2018

31 December of 2018 by

Our music space has been super active this year and pushing the envelope in terms of content, videos and overall appeal to have more Kenyans appreciate our own. Here are some of the jams that made mad waves in 2018.

Tujiangalie – Sauti Sol feat Nyashinski

This record by internationally acclaimed pop group Sauti Sol makes it on this list as it was different. The jam is a social commentary highlighting corruption, government debts, politics and policies, online tiffs and an aloof citizenry who don’t care much about the current state of affairs. The jam was a subject of discussion for some time but it dawned on us that something gotta give.

Oliel – Octopizzo

This record cuts on the list as it suggests the year has been lit. Octo has really taken his craft abroad and he is flying our flag high across international waters. Oliel hits hard on the radio and clubs and I love the braggadocio attitude he has on it. The melodies, production and the video makes this record a hit.

2 In 1 – Naiboi

Naiboi has had yet another successful year and he’s been on everyone’s lips courtesy of this viral hit. The jam stands out for its simplicity in production, memorable bridge and viral video that got everyone with a smartphone posting their versions. The jam appeals to an audience beyond Nairobi, young and old and had massive airplay.

Vimbada – Moji Shortbaba feat Jabidi

This Gospel viral hit spiraled from church to the clubs and outdoor occasions. Vimbada is slang for mad energy and that’s exactly what the jam presents. The jam slaps in terms of production and the dance routine is the cherry on top. I guess you have attended an event and this record played. 2018 has been kind to Moji as his star was super bright.

Position – Ethic feat Kansoul

New group Ethic teaming up with hitmakers extraordinaire Kansoul was a blessing for their rise. The jam Position is a certified club banger. The sheng lingo, adlibs and comic effect from the two groups is on a different scale making the jam magical. The beat samples old-school raga style hence the dancing routines fit on the jam.

Free –Nyashinski

The come-back King is still establishing his dominance on the music scene with his hard-hitting style of delivery. ‘Free’ combines some fire rap, dope sing-alongs, sneaky diss lines and chest thumping that makes the overall jam top. Overall musicality Nyash presents is next level and a few light years ahead of his peers.

Baby Love – Otile Brown

The relationship between Otile and his fans is immensely ridiculous and he knows how to keep them on their feet. This jam had the former girlfriend and socialite Vera Sidika as the vixen on vacay and the fans adored them. The jam makes it to the cut as the ladies are obsessed with the love intonations scripted and the love story the video presents.

Dundaing- King Kaka feat Kristoff and Magix Enga

This closes out the year as a certified banger. This jam just dropped on the last quarter of the year and its airplay is ridiculous. The jam went through the normal channels of hate, lukewarm love to an absolute favorite. The DJ just presses play on the first verse and the crowd takes over. The jam is a symbol that Kenyan music is on the rise and can take pole position if done for us by us.


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