20 Best Karaoke Jams Of All Time

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The Kenyan music scene is growing and not just from the artistes but also from the karaoke stages. However, we are all not musically gifted but if you are going to grab that mic on a karaoke stage, you had better do it right. Here are 20 international jams of yesterday and today that you will never go wrong with on any musical challenge be it Karaoke or not. Get the crowd to be your own personal choir and hail them to sing along.

Chaka Khan’s (Ain’t nobody)
The feels of Chaka Khan will leave you feeling like the boss you intend to be. Not only are the lyrics friendly but the beat leads you to your next move. This timeless jam is a definite karaoke go-to, it will not disappoint whether you croak through the lyrics or move by the beat. Remember to add in some few old school moves just to give it the edge it deserves, after all, it’s all for fun right?!

Madonna’s (Like A Prayer)
The song that brought more than enough controversies in the eighties is clearly not leaving the hot songs of all times list. Madonna added some mischief into the lyrics creating not only submission within the lyrics but also some good girl playing right, an ideal jam for any lady wanting to take over the floor. Remember to add on some red lipstick as I assure you no lady sings this jam right, and leaves a club single.

Whitney Houston (Want to dance with somebody)
Whether we admit it out loud or not, we all want to dance with somebody, especially the gifted right feet. Whitney the music legend brought this wish to life with this never-ending rhythmic blast. The vibe within this song makes it so easy to sing along with the amazing vocals from Whitney ringing behind your head.This is one of those songs that requires energy, if you would. Remember only dancing shoes with this one!

Levert (Casanova )
Levert had a very great intention with this rhythmic jam from the eighties. Not only is the song full of life but so much energy and ‘sermon’. One way to stand your ground on what you stand for with someone. This song favors both the ladies and the gentlemen. Grab that mic with confidence because everyone loves this song. The eighties was indeed a good time.

Yvonne Chaka Chaka (Thank you Mr.DJ and umqombothi)
The title of the songs could be a bit difficult to pronounce but I promise the lyrics are as easy as a Friday tune. Umqombothi is a rich song full of life expressing a party mood in the 90’s down in South Africa. A favorable song to sing to if you are feeling the drum beats and in a mood of playing shaka. Grab your umqombothi and your mic with confidence because it’s about to go down!

Toto (Rain )
When you first hear this song you are convinced it’s very African but nop, Toto brought an early pop beat to this hit song in the late eighties. This song that not only hails the cradle but also has an amazing tune to it is the perfect song for a karaoke night out with its smooth tone favoring any interested singer.

Tina Turner (Simply The Best)
Tina Turner the music beaver with her very outspoken sense of style, serves yet another vibrant hit. This song acts as a reminder of who you are and should always be. If you are looking to appreciate how far you have come and send these very vibes within your circle of friends or more then you have the perfect jam.

Lionel Richie (All Night Long)
The feels of Lionel Richie have lived through decades and this goes without saying that the legend has indeed figured out the rhythm of the people. Within his many fine tunes, “All Night Long” is a perfect tune for a Karaoke night out, not only is the song inviting enough for a Friday night out but also very dance-friendly.

Alphaville (Big In Japan)
Despite the fact that Alphaville was not big enough in Japan, this song took a life of its own. The song is very easy to memorize and more so has a very calm effect to it; perfect to sing confidently and comfortably in front of a demanding crowd.

Destiny’s Child (Bootylicious)
Can you handle your own jelly? Destiny’s child gave a modern feel to this amazing beat that not only carries character in it but is also full of life. Ladies you know, this is one for the can. Whether you are two girlfriends or more this is the perfect karaoke banger to get everyone moving to your own sound and the very well matched lyrics. Go for it!

Bruno Mars (Uptown funk & Versace on the floor)
The music darling Bruno Mars is indeed a lyric creator. The young man is born for the mic. The soft tunes in all his songs will definitely leave you wanting his voice or even his lyrical gift and style. Well, you are in luck as this very song can put you on the spotlight for just daring to sing to them “Versace on the floor”. it’s definitely an easy song to sing along if you have the vibe it requires. 

Beyonce, Shakira ( Beautiful Liar)
Shakira and Beyonce put one for the ladies for years to come. Dear ladies, whether you are a beautiful liar or not this is still your jam to beat anyone on that Karaoke floor. Not only are the sounds of Shakira so smooth her lyrics are very easy to grasp. Remember to watch the music video and borrow some moves, after all, are you not on that stage to entertain your audience?

Ed Sheeran (Shape of you)
Goes without saying that all Ed Sheeran songs are a favor for every walking being. The composition of this song is not only grasping but has an easy flow to it. Whether you are dedicating it to your girlfriend or wife, gentleman this is that hit that will not get you laughed at.

Khalid, Ty Dolla Sign, 6lack( OTW)
We all love Khalid for the simple reason that his voice is so idyllic. Well what better way to appreciate this growing legend if not by picking one of his best songs of 2018. This song is not only easy to jam to but very relatable to many.

Nicki Minaj little mix ( Woman like me)
Ladies, what better way to celebrate your very feminine side. Bring out the feminist in you and remind them how happy you are to be a woman. A woman like me not only has an appreciating tone to it but a lyrical rap that requires the confidence to bring it to life, after all, it’s Nicki Minaj.

Dua Lipa (New rules)
This brilliant 2017 jam from Dua Lipa has such an eccentric feel to it. The nature of this song requires a calm singer yet with such a strong message. Bringing in what you would easily call a paradox to the floor. I dare you to try this banger and I promise you, if he playing he will definitely shape up after listening to you sing this right.

Kwabz (Walk)
This Fifa jam that has gained more than 147 million views on youtube. It’s a banger in its own form. Kwabs the British born created this very lyrical friendly hit that is not only inspiring by the words but encouraging to dance to. The beat to this song is very luring and can get even the left feet to move. Do not believe me, try it and watch yourself get everyone moving

Justin Bieber (sorry, what you mean, 2 U & Friends)
The Biebers will tell you that JB does it for the people. Whether you like him or not, his songs got you covered on that Karaoke floor whether you are looking to dedicate a love song, the party hit or certainly just any kind of genre, Justin Bieber is the easy way out for you.

Demi Lovato (sorry not sorry)
If you are looking to get them heated up for the party you should definitely not be sorry on that floor. Demi added some amazing twists and beats to this hit making the song very easy to sing to and to move to. Grab your mic and let them get into the mood, after all, they all need to feel like a ten and this jam is the starter pack.

There are more preferences, feel free to share your go-to Karaoke songs with us.


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