15 Surprising Ways You Can Use Vinegar At Home

Vinegar is one of the most common commodities in our homes.

While many people have vinegar for regular use such as cleaning, cooking and personal care, there are perhaps hundreds of uses for vinegar, an acidic liquid originally created from wine gone bad. 

Below are 20 ways you can use vinegar that will surprise you.

1.Weed Killer

Vinegar is strong enough to kill weeds. If you want a less dangerous way to eliminate weeds from your garden, vinegar might be your best answer.

2.Car Care

Having a difficult time removing stickers from your car? Vinegar might be your best bet. Additionally, vinegar can be used as a glass cleaner and deodorizer in your car; you can even add it to your windshield wiper reservoir to keep your glass shiny if your car’s owner’s manual suggests it.

3. Keep Flowers fresh

Vinegar can also be used to extend the life of cut flowers in a jar. Just add some in the jar with water to extend the freshness of your flowers.

4. Hair Treatment

Use to eliminate dandruff. Just apply a dilute sample and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing and conditioning.

5. Vinegar as Candle Wax Remover

Vinegar easily removes annoying candle wax that is had to clean off.

6. Use it as a Flea Spray for Your Pet

Applying a mixture using one part water to one part apple cider vinegar on your pet’s coat to creates an unpleasant environment for fleas to live.

7. Use it as Fabric Softener

Vinegar naturally breaks down uric acid and soapy residue, leaving baby clothes and diapers soft and fresh. Add a cup of vinegar when rinsing your clothes to add the effect.

8. Fridge Odors

Rid your refrigerator and freezer of bad odours by cleaning the insides with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water, then wiping dry.

9. Prevent Moulds

Wipe down surfaces with vinegar to clean and prevent moulding

10. Clogged or smelly Sink

Pour 1/4 cup of baking soda down the sink, then add 1 cup of vinegar and cover the drain tightly. 

11. Disinfectant

Use white vinegar to disinfect cutting boards, especially those made of wood.

12. Fading denim

Vinegar can help stop the bleeding of denim. Just soak the cloth in the vinegar for a few minutes then rinse.

13. Smooth Feet

Soften your feet by soaking them in Vinegar.

14. Lighten your skin

This simple homemade toner balances the pH of your skin while killing bacteria and clearing out your pores. It brightens your complexion and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

15. Erase ballpoint-pen marks with vinegar

To erase, dab some full-strength white vinegar on the “masterpiece” using a cloth or a sponge. Repeat until the marks are gone. Then go out and buy your child a nice big sketch pad.

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