Kenyan Video Game Developers Using Their Talent To Spread A Vital Message

26 July of 2017 by

Whether in the world of music, fashion, sport – and now gaming, Kenyans continue to excel.

Mekan Game is a video game development company ran by university students, right here in Kenya that has been in operation for the past year and a half.

Over that time period, they’ve released three separate games into the local market:

  1. World Down Under.
  2. Wings Of Fury.
  3. Craving Carrots.

Their latest release however, has a more important cause.  “KNOCKOUT 2017” came out ten days ago following a development period of close to five months, and is as local as local can get.

It’s election season, so why not focus all the creativity into a product that could serve as a reference point for where we are, and where we hope to be.

Mekan say that their new release is one that champions the cause of peace, as well as civic education on voters rights.

Game play:

“Choose your favorite political character and get in the ring to battle it out against other politicians as you work your way to the top of the league. Be sure to defeat your opponent as this wins you a belt that will educate you on how to elect a leader, come August 8th. With belts ranging from Youth Empowerment belt to Peace belt, fight your way through and be the ultimate champion.”

The film makers say that the game uses humor to convey its message: “we decided to use political figures in an arena fighting so as to convey to our players and the public at large that only the politicians are in the arena, fighting and it makes no sense logically and according to the law, to fight a fellow citizen because of political reasons…”

Check out the game on the Play Store



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