Is ‘Power Vibe’ Nairobi’s Trendiest New Workout?

Power Plate workouts have been ‘a secret’  of the stars for years – and now, Nairobi really wants in on the action. Power Vibe Studio has been operational in Westlands for the past couple of years or so, and has just recently opened up its second location in Kitisuru – signifying the growing rise in its popularity.

The Power Plate is a fitness enhancing tool that focuses on the use of vibrating technology to ramp up the intensity of your work outs. Sounds simple? In essence, that’s exactly what it aims to do. Keep you fit and active without taking too much of your time – a full work out can be complete in as little as 30 minutes.

The power plate can be used coupled with a variety of different exercises, including squat circuits, dead lift circuits, pushups, plank circuits, and cardio intervals.

The work out is meant to make you feel as though exercise is not killing your will to live – the one on one power plate sessions means that there wont be any more than four people in the studio at the same – a massive relief for those who feel self conscious when they sweat it out.

Nairobi has turned into a pretty fitness conscious city over the course of the past few years – numerous options to lose weight abound – from Cross Fit to the marathon circuit, to some good old fashioned ‘stay away from the cookie jar’ tough love!

Some of the pros of power plates?

Well, according to the team, there are many that make it a stand out tool for weightloss and toning in 2017:

Suitable for all fitness levels

Increased muscle mass, strength, flexibility & toning

Acceleration of fat loss goal

Enhanced bone mineral density

Reduced appearance of cellulite – and many more.

The great thing about Power Plate is that it probably recognizes it may not be for everyone – and is therefore willing to give you your first class for free. So you have no excuse not to try it out!

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