12 Lifestyle Blogs You Should Check Out, At least Every Week

Anyone who starts a blog does so to share valuable information with their audience. There are many factors that make any blog a hit, and content is perhaps the most important. If the blog shares relevant, interesting, and enjoyable articles they are halfway to being a success.

Lifestyle blogs are mostly helpful for the tips and hacks you gain and hopefully apply in your day to day life. The topics are usually diverse and may include: beauty, skincare, relationships, fashion, food, fitness, grooming, productivity, mental health, travel, and much more.

Here are some Kenyan blogs and websites that are regularly updated with amazing lifestyle content that should definitely be part of your regular reading.

  1. Capital Lifestyle: beautifully curated lifestyle features, decor tips, relationship advice … there’s all that in there and more.
  2. Daily Nation: Life and Style: lifestyle articles and opinion pieces from Kenya’s experienced columnists that you will enjoy and learn from.
  3. Discovering Kenya: art and yoga content from experts.
  4. KBC Lifestyle; easy to read and informative articles on a number of topics.
  5. KenyanVibe (Yes we are in our own list).
  6. Femme Hub: keep up with corporate, tech as well as lifestyle news written for women by women.
  7. Hapa Kenya Life: Career, education and information that will make your life easy in so many ways.
  8. Potentash: exciting and juicy personal experience stories and much more.
  9. Pulse Live Lifestyle: quality lifestyle news from the latest international studies, quizzes and more.
  10. This is Essential; a well presented to guide you through career, motherhood, decor and beauty.
  11. Vibe Yetu: a cool mix of content for young Kenyan men and women.
  12. Zeda Magazine: a lifestyle magazine for the youthful, fun and fierce African woman.

LL is a writer based in Nairobi who previously loved attending and writing about the pop culture scene, Nairobae events, and cool Kenyans doing cool things. Especially Kenyan women. Currently, she's relearning and exploring beauty and fashion stories in the country.