10 Random Facts about KE Hip Hop Artist, Kayvo Kforce.

When it comes to sharing his opinion, Kayvo Kforce doesn’t mince his words. When it comes to talent, his lyricism and rap skills set him amongst the top Hip Hop artists in the game. Funny enough, when Octopizzo was just starting out he said the only person he wanted a collabo with was Kforce and his very first video was actually with him, dubbed “Voices of Kibera”. Kforce already has several mixtapes under his belt but did you know that he did a few “odd” jobs before finally settling on making music?

Here are a few random facts about Kayvo!

1. Believe it or not, Kayvo Kforce actually used to sing in a choir when he was younger! Who would have thought, right?
2. He was an actor throughout his school life.
3. Like every heterosexual teenager, Kforce was also interested in girls while in school. He quit acting for basketball in high school because all the girls loved athletes.
4. In a bid to make some pocket  money, Kayvo Kforce worked as a tout in Eldoret, Huruma estate for close to a year after high school.
5. Kforce just doesn’t  say “Namba nane” because it’s cool. He grew up in the sprawling Kibera slums.
6. More than just a rapper, Kforce is the co-founder and creative director at Man Made Motion Kenya.
7. He escaped the “thug life” by a whisker thanks to his mom and aunts.
8. Another “odd” job for Kforce. He worked at his late grandfather’s bakery as a delivery boy.
9. He studied International Relations and Journalism at USIU.  Kforce is using some of those skills on his show as he currently hosts Hip Hop Thursday from 7-9 pm on Pamoja 99.9 FM
10. Kayvo Kforce is the only new generation rapper to have worked with both Kalamashaka and K South (both Bamboo and Abbass).

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