10 Kenyan Love Songs You Need On Your Valentines Playlist

The love season is upon and it only right we help you push your agenda to your crush or your main squeeze. When you are chilling enjoying each other’s company, nothing can beat the magic of a perfectly curated playlist. Check out these Kenyan tracks that will get you in the zone.

Malaika – Nyashinski

Nyashinski has been breaking hearts for quite some time until he got married. His lyrics, storytelling and painting a picture of perfect love story is second to none.

Milele – Elani

Supergroup Elani had this Swahili ballad narrating a love situation and its constraints. This one hits home well when you have one you are trying to lockdown.

Chaguo La Moyo – Otile Brown ft Snaipei Tande

This has to be one of the most iconic jams in recent times played during weddings. Otile and Sanaipei speak about starting out new love together.

Sunshine – Nameless & Habida

This is a throwback that used to reverb across the city. The duo did a perfect job with the lyrics, assurance of love and execution. Check it out.

Jigi Jigi- Willy Paul

Willy Paul has been singing for the ladies since day one. Jigi Jigi speaks intentions of locking down a new love bird and taking it further to marriage. The video tells a perfect love story.

Haiya -Harry Kimani

This is for the old school lovers who recall when Kenyan music was just taking off. This Kikuyu ballad speaks on reassuring your love that she is the only one and no one can take her place.

Lazizi – Sauti Sol

This debut single from the album Mwanzo by Sauti Sol is a national treasure. This jam transcended borders, language and creed. This remains a perfect love song from this boy band.

Nikikutazama – H_art The Band

Perfection on a record can be exemplified on this record. The live instruments, words that come to life and dope lyrics will get you any fine lady you desire.

Ritwa Riaku – Eric Wainaina

One of the biggest jams on live shows with a different sound that redefined slow jams in the 254 is by Eric Wainanina. This record brings your lover to tears just from its meaning.

Isabella – Sauti Sol

Isabella is the sixth single off Sauti Sol’s “Live and Die in Afrika” album. It is a bonafide ballad, and truly represents Sauti Sol’s soulful side and prowess in songwriting and performance. The lyrics and storyline of the song flaunt a vagabond and youthful love, which knows no age, race or religion.

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