10 Kenyan Celeb Dads and Their Incredibly Cute Kids

Being a parent is one of the best blessings anyone could have, kids are always such a joy to have and raise.

We love how in Kenya celebrity dads never shy away from showing affection to their little ones even on social media. We absolutely love these cute photos of Kenyan celeb dads and their children.

King Kaka

The self proclaimed king of rap has three adorable children. Two from his fiancée and one from his ex-girlfriend and musician Sage

Tedd Josiah

Tedd filled the shoes of both mother and father after his wife passed ona few months after giving birth to their little Jay. How cute do these two look though?



Nameless just celebrated the birthday of his first born Tumiso who became a teen.



Many didn’t know Madtraxx had a baby until photos of his wedding surfaced online. He has a beautiful baby girl who has her mothers looks.



We love how Njugush loves his baby Tugi, this one might take after his dad’s comical side.


DJ Soxxy

Gospel music deejay DJ Soxxyy is indeed blessed, his two cute babies are little angels.

Crème De La Crème

Deejay Crème is blessed, I mean he has two beautiful children, born on the same day. Talk about perfect timing.



Rapper Octo has managed to give his kids the best life he could despite him growing up in the slums. We love his determination.



Ladasha belle is only 3 and already helping her parents bring money to the table as a brand ambassador. Not sure who between Size 8 and Mo she looks like but she is a pretty little girl.


DJ Moz

TV host DJ Moz is a father to two girls and a boy that he loves referring to as ‘The Mozarts’

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Family. Absolutely Love hanging out with them.

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