05 Sep

Nairobi-based Filmmaker Explores the Underbelly of His City


What happens if a one party government is given complete control over its citizens? Nairobi-based ...

17 Aug

Kenyan Short Film Envisions A Post-Apocalyptic Nairobi


Under the pseudonym Abstract Omega, Kenyan filmmaker and director Dan Muchina creates short films and visual mood-pieces ...

24 Jun

African Film Festival is Coming to Nairobi


Following a successful festival in New York last month, African Film Festival, Inc. (AFF) is ...

05 Jun

Netflix Airs Thriller Series Staring Several Kenyans


We’re taking over Hollywood! With Lupita’s Oscars award still dear in our minds, Netflix is ...

21 May

Is Hollywood Ready for Kenya? Senior Officials Say Yes


International filmmakers might begin to zoom in on Kenya after a group of senior government ...

12 May

Laughter and Tears: Stories of Our Lives at New York African Film Festival


Jim Chuchu’s “Stories of Our Lives” spurred both laughter and tears as it screened at ...

10 May

Afripedia: Art for the Betterment of the World


To Cyrus, it has never been about money. So when a conventional art dealer came ...

07 May

New York African Film Festival Is Off to a Good Start


Celebratory smiles were all around as the New York African Film Festival (NYAFF) kicked off at ...

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