04 Feb

“Brother’s gotta read”; sisters too


Watching ‘Middle of Nowhere’ over the weekend, I wholly empathised with a character who referred ...

27 Jan

Something like a haunted home


Don’t watch Olivier Jahan’s Les châteaux de sable if you’re feeling emotional; it’ll leave you a wreck. ...

12 Jan

Hope Springs Eternal


The last few years have seen waves of migration into Europe by Africans fleeing all ...

11 Jan

First Glimpse of Lupita in ‘The Queen of Katwe’


We didn’t have to wait long. Fresh off Star Wars fame, Disney already unveiled the ...

09 Dec

Watching Sheila Mulinya: Not just for the Damned


Last week on Monday, I watched Damned, Sheila Mulinya’s entry into the first edition of ...

11 Nov

Afripedia Takes on New York City and the World


After receiving international praise for their tremendous documentary series “Afripeida,” Swedish video magazine Stocktown has ...

27 Oct

True Crime Diaspora: Murder Mysteries Delving Deeper


We often hear about successful Africans like Lupita Nyong’o and Edi Gathegi that came to ...

05 Sep

Nairobi-based Filmmaker Explores the Underbelly of His City


What happens if a one party government is given complete control over its citizens? Nairobi-based ...

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